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4 Reasons Why You Should “Experiment” With Music

Many music artists and producers are following “trends.” For the most part, that is ok, but why limit your great talents to trends when you can “experiment?” For those of you who do not know what experimenting is, (in terms of music,) experimenting is simply trying new things. Nevertheless, here are 4 reasons why you should experiment with your music:

Reason 1: It sets you apart from the crowd.

– Many people today are constantly trying to prove to the world and record labels that they are different, but with music artists and producers trying to keep up with musical trends, it is nearly impossible. I’ve personally witnessed A&Rs talk about the great music they are receiving, but discontinued the music artist’s or producer’s chances of earning a placement or special deal, because they were not “original” or “different” enough. Experimenting by far, can contribute to you having a sound that may attract the attention you are looking for.


Reason 2: The greats did it. (Learn by example.)










– Look at music artists such as 2Pac, Drake, Michael Jackson and The Beatles, and look at music producers or composers such as Skrillex, Kanye West, Mozart, Beethoven, Lex Luger and DJ Premier. If you notice one thing about all these people, it is that they are trend setters. They played a huge influence in changing the course of how music was heard and played and succeeded.

Many people were drawn to their “sound” and since these music artists, composers and producers seemed to be the few sources of that unique “sound,” they received more attention.


Reason 3: It opens your mind. 








– This reason is self-explanatory. It opens your mind to new alternatives and possibilities of what you can do with your music. Most likely, possibilities that some could have never dreamed of. Opening your mind also encourages imagination and creativity, crushes ignorance and overall, makes you a better person.


Reason 4: You will inspire others.









– Whether the person is a music artist, producer, or an avid listening fan, your efforts in experimental music is bound to inspire someone. Especially, if the unique sounds you developed are breathtaking in the ears of listeners. Also, when you experiment, it opens up your door to many possibilities such as: fusing genres, perfecting a genre, or even creating your own genre. Successfully achieving even one of these possibilities, will help you set trends that others may follow for times to come.


To summarize all that was just said, experimenting with music will not only allow you to be different, but it will also set you apart from the crowd, make you be like the greats, open your mind, and help you inspire others. These set of skills are crucial to any person who is aiming to be successful in the music industry. Try experimenting with your music, today. What benefits have you received after experimenting with music? Has experimenting with music improve your musical talents? How has it and how has it not?

Keep it 100.

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