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Overcoming Musician’s Block: A Musician’s Nightmare

It has many names. Some call it, “spine-chilling,” others call it, “frightening” and additional people call it, “producer’s block,” “beater’s block” or “musician’s block,” but they all mean the same thing. Can you guess? (Here’s a hint: It’s meaning is similar to “writer’s block.”) That’s right! You answered it! It means that a musician has run out of creative ideas.

If you have ever created music, you may have encountered this horrifying event at least once in your lifetime if not more. However, there are ways to help you overcome this. Here’s how:

[sociallocker id=”2973″]1. Just Do It.

What do I mean? Exactly, what I said. Just do it.

Don’t worry about how the instrumentation or how your song will turn out. Just create the music you are thinking about at the moment. After all, not every piece of music you make is going to be a classic! Try making a “bad tune” for once. Sometimes, you need to humble yourself and work through difficult ends (musician’s block) to make things work out for the best. With that said, just do it.

2. Experiment.

I wrote a whole blog on this not too long ago and I highly encourage it. Probably, experimenting will spark new ideas that can help you create something unimaginable or spectacular.

Try changing your environment. If you create music in your bed room, try creating music in your living room, backyard, or kitchen. Set up a more relaxed area for yourself to “experiment” in. Limit the equipment you use and discard distractions to help you increase your focus.

If you are a music producer, try new drum kits, use new sounds/instruments, and try interesting melodies/patterns. Switch your workflow. If you usually start with melodies, start with drums, if you usually start with drums, start with melodies. Are you a sampler? Don’t use samples. Do you not use samples? Start using samples. Play with your plug-ins and create eerie effects.

The whole idea is to get yourself to work in a way you are not used to. By accomplishing this you can produce interesting results. Besides, what else can you do if you run out of creative ideas?

3. Collaborate.

Try collaborating with other musicians of the same or different style. They say two or more minds are greater than one. Therefore, the results you and your collaborators produce may be magnificent.

Have your collaborator help you finish musical ideas you yourself cannot finish. Learn some of their skills along the way. Have them contribute to your journey as a growing musician.

4. Listen To Music.

Listen to music, especially music you do not typically listen to. Analyze it. You may like what you hear and implement it into your own work or style.

5. Remix Music.

Whether it is your own music, or music others have made, try remixing music to see how it turns out. If it is your own music, try creating a better version of it, by adding improvements or changing the mood, genre and feel. If you are remixing someone else’s music, all the ideas are already placed within it, so try recreating it and adding your own style or vibe to it.

6. Give Your Music Purpose.

What and for whom are you writing your music? Is it for a special event such as a wedding? How about your school prom? Maybe you wrote a special “thank you” song for your parents? Are you producing a background track for an advertisement? A school play? Give your song a “purpose” and act accordingly.

7. Challenge Yourself.

Perhaps musician’s block is affecting you because you are not challenging yourself. When you were a beginner in creating music, you challenged yourself. Maybe, you need to challenge yourself again, but this time, with different motives, tasks and challenges.

Here, I have one challenge for you: Attempt a genre completely different from what you are used to. Is that too easy for you? Then, try creating your own genre.

8. Take A Break.

Last, but not least: Take a break. Probably, you’ve created music for way too long and all your mind is asking for is a break. With that said, try other recreational activities. Activities you love or have not done before. (Try new things.) Socialize with your family and friends, go on a date, build a relationship with God, buy that thing you have always wanted. Live your life. Sometimes, all it takes to clear the dark clouds of musician’s block away is nothing more than a little break. Maybe then, you will see the “silver lining.”

These ways are only a couple of many ideas that can be used to overcome musician’s block. Of course, everyone is different and though it may seem as if some of these thoughts are not for you, try them out for yourself, then draw your own conclusions.[/sociallocker]

Write down in the comments of this post other techniques that can be used to overcome musician’s block. You might just help someone!

Keep it 100.

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