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3 Benefits Of Offering Free Music Downloads

Free music downloads does not necessarily mean free music. They are samples or “distorted” forms of the original music and are usually used for promotional purposes. (I repeat! Free music downloads does not necessarily mean free music!) Despite this, some people are very cautious when it comes to delivering free music downloads, because they believe that the word, “free,” diminishes their music’s value and therefore deems it, “worthless.” Others fear that onlookers will take their free music downloads, distort them, and use it without giving credit or notice to the person who originally created it. Another person is blindly following the crowd and trends and cannot really decide for themselves. Despite this dilemma, free music downloads are a spectacular way of increasing your exposure and building important networks and future opportunities that may last a lifetime.


I’m not here to convince you to offer free music downloads per se. Instead, I am here to open up your mind to new ways of thinking that may help you decide whether or not offering free downloads is the best option for you.


Here are three benefits of offering free music downloads:


1. Great Promotion.


Free music downloads are a great method of promotion and is the overall purpose of giving free music downloads in the first place. By offering free music downloads, your music can be played on people’s listening devices, cars, radios, clubs, major events and of course, the famed internet. When all is said and done, if a mass of people are truly interested in your music, your music will be shared and will spread like a wildfire and when one asks, “who made this brilliant track?” all fingers will be pointing directly at you.


If you are a music producer, tag your instrumentals with something that identifies you. It can be as simple as you saying, “YourName.com,” or as complex as you making a weird sound effect that has never been made or heard before. Placing your identity on a track is a great promotional tool, because it allows listeners to know who they’re listening to, while granting them the favorable opportunity to check on you and stay updated with your newer content.


2. Grows A Fan Base.


So, you promoted your free music downloads everywhere you can. What other benefits can there possibly be? Simple! Free music downloads helps you grow a fan base. The larger your fan base grows, the more exposure and publicity you’ll get, and, in turn, the more people you can reach.

Growing a fan base at first is not an easy task, especially if you are working alone. That is why free music downloads are a great way to help in enlarging your traffic. For those of you who need an analogy, offering a free music download or starting a fan base is like lighting a fire. It starts small, and has a slow beginning that needs nurturing and certain fuels to grow. After a while of nurturing the small flame, it dramatically begins to increase in size and power. It spreads like wildfires and becomes even more and more impossible to control as it unfurls and reaches out claiming blocks, districts, territories and lives. (Didn’t mean to make this analogy that brutal!)

Another thing to keep in mind is that, when you grow your fan base, your opportunities increase. As a music producer, I’ve literally had fans send my work to credited music artists, which gave me the opportunity to work with them. I’ve also had fans do interesting things with my music that not only benefited me, but them as well. Just remember, growing a quality fan base and network is probably one of the most important things you need to do, when pursuing a serious career in music.


3. Brings Possible Sales.


Free music downloads is a way of exposing and spreading your brand to the masses. Money should never be the primary reason why you offer free music downloads, especially, if your brand has just begun or is not yet firmly established. However, free music downloads are a great way for people to listen to, demo and test out your work. If they like your music, there’s a good chance that they may be your next customer sometime in the future. The future may be a long time for you to wait, but remember, patience is key. (I am speaking from experience!)


Business-wise, always plan your moves strategically. Know why you are giving free music downloads and its benefits. Also, know if it has worked for you and if it would be wise to continue on with the plan of giving free music downloads. Think creatively on ways you can use free music downloads to better your business.


To summarize all that was just said, free downloads are helpful in promoting, growing a fan base and generating not only possible sales, but opportunities. Hopefully, these 3 reasons on, why free music downloads are beneficial to you and your brand, will help you in your decision. May God bless you.

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