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Does The Future of Music Lie In Your Hands?

It is certain that music is constantly evolving just like it has in the past. Creative people always have something to include that will
change the scope of how we and future generations listen to things. With that said, there are many molds of people in the world, but just for this blog post, I am going to mention two types:


  1. Trendsetters
  2. Trend-followers 


Now, you may be a mixture of both a Trendsetter and a Trend-follower, but what side do you lean more towards? Be honest with yourself and select the title that you feel best suits you: “Trendsetter” or “Trend follower”

If you answered that you are a Trend-follower, nothing is wrong with that. However, trends tend to be fragile and are not always permanent. While trends can lead to direct paths of prosperity, it can also get saturated very quickly leaving a few at the top of the pyramid and the rest scrambling to reach there. (Does this cycle sound familiar?)

Trend-followers can be imaginative people just as much as Trendsetters, but some of them take greater pleasure following the crowd, while others fall slaves to the crowd and have not found a solid direction for themselves as of yet.


If you answered that you are a trend setter, nothing is wrong with that either. Trendsetters tend to see things others don’t. They have a glimpse of what may be the future, and they take an active part in creating and fulfilling that future. They have no problem in trying different things and challenging fixed boundaries and impossibilities.

Trendsetters are risk takers, Trendsetters innovate and may I add that some Trendsetters don’t even know that they have the ability to set trends?


After reading these brief descriptions, whose hands do you think the future of music lies in?

Does the future of music lie in your hands?

Keep it 100.


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  • joseph says:

    Really cool article, this is definitely quality..Thanks

  • D-Funkdafied says:

    I think it lies in the societies hands..

  • IPM Music says:

    I’d like to think I’m right in between those 2 choices. I use methods that are proven winners, while adding my own style and sound to it. There is value in following the trends, but it’s important to balance that with your own artistic impressions.

    If you really want to set the trends these days, you need more than just a unique sound. I think you also need the visual and mental aspects to be “new”.

    Plus, it’s hard for me to decipher if listeners really flock to new ideas, or do they stick to their familiar musical places, too. Like they say – you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Being original is only gonna work if you still make a connection with the audience.

  • I am definitely a trendsetter! Nice post!

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