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How To Get Your Music Heard By People That Matter (Part 1)

In this video, Dame Taylor talks about his experience meeting with an A&R and gives us valuable insight. I highly encourage you to look at the video and take notes, but just incase you didn’t feel like watching the whole thing:


Dame Taylor let’s us understand the life of an A&R by telling us his experience with one. He mentions how many people submit music daily to Record Labels, and from personally listening to the music submitted, none of them sounded much different or incredible. Yet, it is the A&R’s job to listen through a lot of this music.


Now that emails have arrived in our day and age, Record Labels are being bombarded. However, there’s a problem: none of the emails presented seem original or personal and they look just like every other email they get in their inbox. Therefore, Dame Taylor comes up with a solution:


He encourages music artists to make their messages more personal when submitting to A&Rs and Record Labels and to be very honest in telling them about the quality of their music. (How many people do you know claim that they’re the “next best thing” when the opposite is true?) One reason why he says we should be honest is because we may set the bar too high for ourselves and fall short, hurting our chances of success.


Dame Taylor also offers advice on how he himself would’ve submit the music after experiencing such an event. He tells us, when sending music, he would tell the A&R or Record Label “what they’re listening to,” “what the [music] is about” and something about himself.


Overall, Dame Taylor encourages us to put more time into being more personal and honest with our music submissions and relations and closes by saying, “Be patient and your time will come if it is meant to be.”


On a personal note, I think this video shows an excellent way of how we can not only submit to Record Labels and A&Rs, but other important figures, fans, institutions or people in music, film, game and other industries that may matter to you. What do you think?


#FunFact: Did you know that it takes 5-10 seconds to make a first impression?



Keep it 100.

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  • Genoclone says:

    Thanks for this

    common sense is usually overlooked lol

  • Cyko says:

    Yea, I’ve been doing it this way for years with success… just being myself, being a real person. People spend more time looking for quick easy gimmicks

  • Cocaine Audio says:

    you just gotta grind.. go to showcases hit up a&’s on twitter… or you need a hit song… a hit song can change your life…. young chop had a buzz but once i don’t like got popular and buzzin he came popular and buzzin… get that hit song and people will start looking for you..

  • Naim says:

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s definitely planted a seed in my brain. Something to really think about.

  • Galactic Beats says:

    Promote on Soundcloud and other networking sites to create a fan base and then grow from there!

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