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How To Sell Beats: The Basics

This post is through what I have experienced and not purely from a theoretical standpoint. I have used the practices that I am about to tell you and would suggest for any producer who is or will be selling beats to try these techniques out and build your own theories on it… So, let’s get started.

Change Your Mind, Change The Game

Of course this is not completely true, but it is true in the following reality: If you keep focus and work hard and continually learn more about your specialty and apply what you’ve learned, you will see progress. Many believe in the “Theory of Attraction” though it has it’s perks, everything will not be perfect, just because you are positive. Ever heard of the statement “faith without works is dead”? What this means is that if you do not put in the work and apply your positive outlook on life, and apply your skill and knowledge, then why are you really doing what you are doing? These things act as a powerful tool together, not separate. I’ve seen myself come from getting $20 a month from sales to now on average about $300 a month. I’m not the best producer in the world or the best salesman, but I’ve learned some things on the way and the only reason why I’m not making more, is because I place limits on myself by not working hard enough – and that’s a fact.

Be Honest With Yourself

There are so many beat makers, but so little producers. I say this because many beat makers come into the game thinking that they can just put together sounds and then upload them to soundclick and then they will make millions – WRONG. Being a producer is not only about putting your life and soul into every beat, but learning how to be a salesman and how to show your prospective clients that you are more than just what they hear. Being a producer is being able to sell, produce and maintain quality for all of your products. A Producer is a one-man marketing team, a one-man business and should be treated as such. If you are not ready to learn and grow in this field or in anything you do, then why waste your time and your client’s time? LIVE/LEARN/GROW/SUCCEED

Build Relationships

I see many artists/producers send links through facebook/twitter in the message box saying “download these hot bangin’ beats (link)” or something like that. This is the worst way to promote!!! Artists/listeners don’t like this tactic at all.

Think of this scenario: your sitting down having dinner with your family and it’s around 8pm. The phone starts to ring and you excuse yourself from the table and go to answer the phone. You quickly answer the phone and you hear this recording: “Hey! We are selling home improvement services in your area for only …” *CLICK* You hang up the phone and go back to the dinner table disgusted.

This is how artists/listeners feel when you send your link to them without building a relationship first. YOU ARE SPAMMING if you do this process. Always think of the consumer and then think of yourself when it comes to marketing. Always remember this, the artist you are messaging does not know you, neither have they ever heard of you before, but you are sending them a link to your beats? For how much money? No! Please don’t do this.. Learn to talk to your clients and figure out what type of music they make. Find out if they work and have a job so that they can actually pay you for beats. If they’re broke, then why waste your time sending them a link? If you can narrow down the artists who actually have money and you gather the correct information from them, then you save more time and have more possible clients that you know have money. Now, all you have to do is make the beats.


Closing Remarks

I’m not the best marketer or producer in the world, but I have learned some things. I’ve been selling beats online since 2004 and I do not see myself quitting anytime soon. I’ve had my good days and my bad days, but when I had those good days, it always outweighed the bad. Keep your head up and never lose that passion that you had the first time you produced that first beat.

Hope this helps someone.

Be You. Be Legendary

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  • Nem S. says:

    Just curious. What’s kept you from making more money selling beats? Is it the marketing aspect or just not enough demand?

    Btw, the music is off the chain.

    • D.A.H. Trump says:

      I’d say a lot of making money from selling beats has to do with the marketing aspect. Great marketing increases your exposure and sales. Right now I’m a busy guy in college, so I can’t dedicate a lot of my time to marketing as I’ve used to, but there are people out there who buy beats on a regular basis, you just have to network and find that crowd.

      …and thank you!

  • Twentyonebeats says:

    Dope post short and sweet but it gets to the point of how to make your sales pop and what to do. Thank you

  • dDJ Shandsshandsmusic@gmail.com says:

    Thanks for the post, it is refreshing to hear and i really needed some motivation! I especially appreciate the anti spam paragraph which is vital to building relationships in the music game. keep up the insightful posts!

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