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D.A.H. Trump’s Progress In 2013 & Updates For 2014

We have made it! Happy New Year! It is 2014 and we are still alive. Some of you are wondering how I have progressed and in this blog post I will share some of that info with you:

Here is my year in review for my website’s Blog:


Statistically, in 2013, I am doing better on sites such as YouTube, where I have over 2,600 subscribers, Instagram, where I have over 300 followers (in its first year), SoundCloud, where I have over 8,700 plays (in its first year), Twitter, where I have a few verified accounts following me, and Facebook, where I have slowly, but steadily gained new likes. Did I mention my website has been visited over 22,000 times and it has only been a little over a year old?

To add, in the year, 2013, I have produced for the United State’s “Most Beautiful” & “Most Diverse” college, a songwriter in the United Kingdom, received interviews for a high school class project, collaborated with talented music producers and landed placements that are only to be revealed this year, 2014.


On a different note, 2014 is a new year and new years bring new things! All the same, I have brought you new things as well! Here are some updates:

I have brought to you an updated website. A website that works to serve your experience and bring you a pleasant service that benefits us both. How was I able to accomplish that? Through finding ways to make the website simpler, more resourceful and more rewarding. I will explain this to you in the next few paragraphs:

I was able to make the website simpler by revising the Music,  FAQ, Services and Terms & Conditions section. They are now neater, worded clearly and present concise information when you want to see it without seeming overbearing.  I also created a new Shop, and tested it for reliability and ease of use to make sure you have a smooth transaction experience. Of course, if you do experience problems, I am always available to help.

People ask questions on search engines every day, and at times, one or two of my blog posts ends up being one possible answer to their question. With that said, I have aimed to make my blog more resourceful with better information to aid what you want answered. If you have certain questions that are in my scope and you think I should answer, contact me and let me know. Your question may end up being what I write about on my next blog post.

Some of you have supported me for days, months and years! Now, it’s time for me to give back. How am I going to do this? Reward Credit! I am now offering products on my website’s Shop. With Reward Credit, depending on how much you have, you can discount products I sell, or purchase the product completely just by continuing to show support! Sounds interesting to you? You can start right now just by joining my website, logging in, commenting on my blog posts, sharing my website with friends and watching videos! Simply, to earn Reward Credit, all you have to do is show support. This is my site’s biggest feature right now, so take advantage of it!


I have also brought you a new product called, Sparkstation. Sparkstation is the first set of sounds that I have designed. I have given it to testers and received positive all-around responses. SuperStar O even gave a compliment to my sound via email when I shared it with him and had him review it.

A lot of the sounds included in Sparkstation are exclusive and I have thought to myself twice whether I should keep many of these sounds only to myself. Again, take advantage! You can use your Reward Credit to discount or fully purchase my product.

That concludes all I have to say. How have you progressed in 2013? Did you fulfill your new year resolutions? What do you have planned for your family, friends and supporters?


Keep  it 100.

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