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D.A.H. Trump’s, “It’s A Beautiful Day”, Hits 4,000; well… 7,000+ Listens Today

I’m thankful for your continued support and the support of my team, Producers United. This song has amounted to 4,000+ plays on my SoundCloud and 3,100 plays on Producers United’s SoundCloud, which amounts to over 7,000+ plays combined! This is an enormous feat for me. I was happy when my instrumental merely tapped 1,000 listens.

I do not take full credit for my song’s success, because the success of this song was based on a group effort that involved your listen, your sharing and your engagement. My team also played a marvelous role in my song’s success, so to all of you who helped, thank you and remember, #ImpossibleIsNothing.

Keep it 100.

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