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D.A.H. Trump – Rockets & Dreams: An Instrumental Journey

I will admit it… I have been very terrible in updating the blog section of this site, but I will work towards creating a more active blog once again. I will accomplish this through updating you on recent tracks I have posted and works other artists & institutions have done with my work. (Oh, wait… you can find that here: dahtrump.com/portfolio.) Of course, I will also offer tips, something inspiring, and other things…

Feel free to take a listen to my latest track, Rockets & Dreams. The track was created out of the idea of creating a story. A story of a person who has a vision, and is determined to reach his or her goals. The track contains an orchestra (at the intro and finale) and shows signs of hip hop, experimental and glitch influence. There’s more behind the story of the track, but I will leave that up to your interpretation.

Lately, I have been trying to pave my own route instead of creating traditional works by thinking “different”. It was always a goal of mine to branch out and create a new beautiful genre that the world has never experienced (or heard) before. It may be considered too ambitious by some, but my song, Rockets & Dreams, is a track that “explains” my feelings towards pursuing my dream.

So far, I am proud of what various communities had to say about my track and what it means to them. So, I ask you: what do you have to say about this track and what does this track mean to you?

UPDATE (July 17, 2014): My song has surpassed 2,000 hits, just 1 day after after passing 1,000 hits. Keep in mind this beat has only been out for 6 days (less than a week). Thank you for your incredible support! Here’s what Justin had to say about my music:


Keep it 100.

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