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Apollo Main – “Live Your Life” Feat. Duela & Latrice

Hey, how are things? It’s me again giving you an update! So, 5 days ago, a music artist by the name of Apollo Main released a track on a beat I produced entitled, “Live Your Life”, featuring singing from Duela and Latrice. It speaks of ignoring the status quo and living your dreams – an inspiring message for the ambitious and those who struggle to find themselves.

I have to give credit to all the artists involved in the making of this complex track. How they handled the instrumental was noteworthy in itself.

This song has received over 4,000 hits within 3 days of it’s release, briefly trended on SoundCloud, was named “Track of the Day” by Hip Hop Essentials, and was blogged about by the CEO of Producers United. Despite this song’s merits and with this song’s sincere¬†message, I only ask one thing: may you give this song your listen?

Read what Apollo Main has to say about the creation of his track here:

“As soon as I heard the sample of the beat… Just off the intro I knew it had potential to be one of my favorite instrumentals.

¬†As soon as I heard the full beat, I listened to it twice fully though and then began writing. I knew other rappers liked the beat the way I liked the beat… People would be jumping to try to rap on it, so I figured instead of asking you I’d rather just do the best I could.
The beat had so many different parts. I had to write the hook with 2 different parts and 2 different vocalists just to keep up with the versatility of the instrumental. I wrote the song in 2 hours and recorded Duela’s vocals the next day… The beat gave me that Kanye inspirational style, so it just inspired me to inspire people to do what ever it is they want to do in life.”


Keep it 100.

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