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There are groups on Facebook that I believe every Music Producer should join, because the groups I am about to show you are a network of likeminded people that can help push you closer to your aspirations. These are groups where you can ask questions of any kind, share and recieve feedback on projects you are interested in promoting, check ongoing deals and obtain some sort of valuable knowledge. Here are some of the best groups you can join on Facebook, and why you should join them:

1. Pensado’s Students

  • Why? This group was created by the online students of “Pensado’s Place” to discuss and share all things pertaining to the art of Music Production, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering.


2. Knowledgable Producers

  • Why? The purpose of this group is to share as much music production-related knowledge with each other as possible.


3. Knowledgeable Feedback & Promotion

  • Why? Knowledgeable Feedback & Promotion is a sister group to Knowledgeable Producers and it is geared towards providing a place where knowledgeable people can come and share their music projects.


4. The Book of the Day Club

  • Why? The Book of the Day Club is a place where you can find and share books that can lead yourself or others to a better or more informed life.


5. Music Software Deals

  • Why? Music Software Deals allows you to post links to any ongoing music software deals around the web, even if it is yours.


6. Logic Pro X

  • Why? Ok, this option was a little biased and I’m sure there are other great Facebook groups that are made for the DAW you use, but this niche group is one of the best groups to discuss all things related to Logic Pro X.


I will keep this section updated throughout the years. Comment below groups you think every Music Producer should keep active.

Last updated: March 22, 2015

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