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I was introduced to a label and collective called Lush Selects by my team, Producers United, and I was asked to make an exclusive track for them, which I agreed to. It has been a while, but I’m happy they finally released the track on the 18th of July, 2015. Here’s what Lush Selects had to say:

“The fam at Producers United introduced us to the mastermind beatmaker that is D.A.H. Trump. He brings us this magical track titled ‘Sunshine,’ featuring the enigmatic Kya and a whole lot of vibes. It’s no wonder he’s also known as Soulnaut, as this track just drips with soul. Hit up the links below to follow D.A.H. Trump on anything you can to make sure you’re never missing out on new stuff he releases!”

Again, I’d like to thank Lush Selects for the amazing opportunity to be featured on their networks as a “Lush Exclusive” and I appreciate the art cover they made for the tune! I wish you all the best, thanks to those who gave the track a listen, and feel free to check out the other talented artists they have on their networks!

Keep it 100.

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