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Hey, it has been a while since I updated my blog, but that does not mean that I was not active. A lot has happened since my absence from blog writing:

I received my first 100K hit song, “Heart & Soul”. (It has been featured in video vlogs and has even been reposted by agencies such as The Artist Union on SoundCloud. It currently ranks as high as #13 in the Experimental charts.)

I have several songs that charted on SoundCloud for my first time. One of them hit #1 in the Experimental Hip Hop charts (“Never Look Back”) for several months straight and it is still #1 as of this post.

I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree and got my first job.

I significantly upgraded my studio equipment, software and instruments.

Life has not been completely “rosy” for me. I have lost a lot of my instruments due to a hard drive failure to name one.

Either way, I just updated my website to be more streamlined, efficient and retina-ready. I hope to add more valuable content for you throughout the months and years. Until we meet again. =)

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