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A little bit about me.

D.A.H. Trump is a versatile, passionate and ambitious musician, whose wordless melodies have reached, touched and inspired people around our world.

Derrick, also known as D.A.H. Trump, was born in the state of New York. Growing up, Derrick was introduced to the piano and began to learn it. By the age of 8, Derrick created his first “instrumental,” or rather, piano piece. As Derrick grew older, his passion to create piano pieces grew.

When Derrick became 15, he was sent to a boarding school. There, he met a friend who introduced him to an application named Garageband by Apple. It was at that moment that Derrick truly made his first instrumental, and shortly after, on the year 2009, “D.A.H. Trump” was born…

Why I love what I do

Making music invigorates me. It gives me a sense of hope and purpose. My position as a musician is a unique one, because it grants me the opportunity to help aspiring artists share their story, whether it be through a film, dance or a lyric. Through music, I am also given an outlet to challenge norms and subliminally express feelings I wouldn’t have expressed otherwise.

Overall, I have always enjoyed the essence of creating. It is my dream that one day I will be one to develop a sound, feeling, or impression the world has never heard or felt… My awing reality is that my passion grants me the humbling opportunities to do just that.

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