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A little bit about me.

D.A.H. Trump is a versatile, passionate and ambitious musician, who defies genres and labels. His story continues to be written…

Some Accomplishments:
Most downloaded Experimental track on The Artist Union for months
Top 15 Experimental track on SoundCloud for months

Why I love what I do

Making music invigorates me. It gives me a sense of hope and purpose. My position as a musician is a unique one, because it grants me the opportunity to help aspiring artists share their story, whether it be through a film, dance or a lyric. Through music, I am also given an outlet to challenge norms and subliminally express feelings I wouldn’t have expressed otherwise.

Overall, I have always enjoyed the essence of creating. It is my dream that one day I will be one to develop a sound, feeling, or impression the world has never heard or felt… My awing reality is that my passion grants me the humbling opportunities to do just that.

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