Lush Selects | LUSH 004: Summerise (Side A)

Obi | Valhalla (The Remixes)

Song produced: Obi - Valhalla (D.A.H. Trump Remix)

Rez | “Relive to Tell the Tale”

Song produced: "Can't Kid a Kidder"

Rez | “Tale Stil Untold”

Songs produced: "Tell Me That Ain't Realness" & "Party Hard"

Blue Streak News | “The Rap”

I like how you're not all about the "in" sound and how you're not making just one genre. You are are a real musician. I can tell you don't follow trends.

Cymphani, Music Producer

Wow, so I wrote to the track last night. When I tell you that I was highly inspired and the entire song just poured out of me in like 5 minutes that means it's a special one. You made a track that spoke to my heart and for that I am so grateful. I'm very excited and proud to put this on my album. I think it's a single. Thank you!

Jacq Riot, Music Artist

Much love to Mr. @DAHTrump. He's been doing a lot of work for the Producers United team and it's super appreciated. He's also a dope producer.

Shawn Patel, CEO of Producers United

All rappers need to hit up @DAHTrump for them beats. They are very unique. He has his own original sound! #GreatProducer

Drama B, Music Artist & King Ice Affiliate

D.A.H. Trump is a very talented producer. I’d say he’s one that compliments music with his work and craft. Not only is he a producer, he is very versatile, so he does not settle with one style of work, and the great thing about him is he is a fan of music.

Rez, Music Artist