1. Access: By accessing the website you hereby agree to be bound to the terms and conditions herein.

2. Intellectual Property: All sounds or any and all other products hereby included on this website are wholly owned by D.A.H. Trump. Rights of all products are strictly reserved.

3. License of Products: All products here at, are sold on a license basis. This license grants you to use my products in your musical creations and productions, and to sell and license your musical productions for commercial and non-commercial use. However, any copying, re-selling, lending, or giving away of my products is strictly prohibited.

4. Refund & Cancellation Policy: Here at, I am dedicated to pleasing my customers with high-quality products and outstanding customer service. However, due to the fact that the majority of my products are non tangible irrevocable goods, all digital products are exempt from refunds or returns.

5. Delivery: After I have successfully received your payment, I will email you a download link for your pruchased product along with a license agreement for the specified product.

6. Changes to Agreement: This agreement may be changed without any/or notice to users. I advise that my customers regularly check back here for any new updates or changes.

7. Governing Law: This agreement shall be governed by the laws and in the courts of the State of California and by the laws of the United States, excluding their conflicts or law principles. Any dispute or legal proceeding regarding this Agreement shall take place in the County of San Francisco, in the state of California.

May you have any questions regarding the Terms & Conditions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at:

By purchasing sounds from D.A.H. Trump or any authorized company which sells D.A.H. Trump products you expressly agree and accept this license agreement. Please make sure you read the terms & conditions of this license agreement carefully.

  • sounds are licensed, not sold to you for use in music productions only and D.A.H. Trump reserves any other rights not expressly granted to you. Unlawful copying, duplicating, selling, lending, renting, hiring, broadcasting, uploading or downloading to any database, news groups, servers, computers, file sharing services or otherwise distributing of D.A.H. Trump’s presets is strictly forbidden. The single user license you purchase is non transferable. Any infringement of this license will be pursued to the fullest extent of international law.
  • You may use D.A.H. Trump sounds within your compositions for both commercial and non commercial use.
  • The licensor (D.A.H. Trump) will not be held responsible if the sounds do not fit the particular purpose of the Licensee (you). The sounds are licensed ‘as is’ without warranties of any kind. The licensor can not be held responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of any sounds licensed from D.A.H. Trump in whatever form. The licensor can not be held responsible for any and all infringements that may arise from the use of the sounds within the licensees musical compositions and productions.
  • Use of D.A.H. Trump sounds in isolation such as but not limited to, video game soundtracks, gaming machines, is permitted. D.A.H. Trump sounds may not be used both individually and in combination with other sound files to create alternative preset packs or audio packs by competitive sample companies.
  • The licensee may use the sounds in compositions such as, making demos, songs, albums, records, remixes, commercials, jingles, post productions, commissioned pieces, soundtracks for film, theatre, musicals, production music libraries, tv and live performances.
  • You can not trade, resell, lend, copy, duplicate, upload or download to any database, servers, file sharing service any D.A.H. Trump sounds. The licensor only licenses the sounds to a single user.
  • The single user license agreement you purchase is non transferable. This means you can not sell any sounds second hand. By the same logic you can not purchase any D.A.H. Trump products second hand and use them in your music compositions or productions.
  • Utilizing and/or completing the purchase of any D.A.H. Trump sound pack means acceptance of all the terms of the Licensing Agreement.


By making a payment, the customer declares that he/she is fully aware of the terms & conditions & accepts & agrees to them. All terms & conditions are listed on In case of a change in any of the listed points or should one point become invalid, all other points stay unaffected & are still valid.

If a track contains sampled material, the sample-clearing needs to be done by the customer(s), not by D.A.H. Trump. The licensee understands that they are responsible for clearing all samples that they choose to use & the licensor cannot & will not be held liable for the misuse of any sampled material that the licensee uses in conjunction with the original track composition that is being licensed in this agreement. The licensee understands & accepts that he/she only paid for the production work of the producer. The licensor does not claim to have any rights on any sampled material.

Under no circumstances is a customer allowed to resell the track in any form. Rights that are given to a customer are not transferable. When an exclusive license to tracks are sold, D.A.H. Trump will always be allowed to use those tracks for his own promotional purposes. (Therefore, all tracks sold exclusively stay on the D.A.H. Trump’s webpages. Download & licensee options to that track will be removed & the track(s) will be marked as “sold.”)

After the delivery of the track(s), D.A.H. Trump will be unbound of any further responsibilities to the customer & legally freed of any further duties. Any track by D.A.H. Trump may not be uploaded on any website without his permission. D.A.H. Trump is not responsible for other sites claiming to sell “D.A.H. Trump” products. Anybody abusing or disrespecting the listed terms and conditions will likely face a law suit.

All tracks produced by D.A.H. Trump are copywritten by U.S. Law. Theft or re-creation may result in legal action.

Free downloads of any track produced by ‘D.A.H. Trump’ do not include any artistic or legislative rights to the track. Free downloads are only for non-profitable use (e.g. demonstration tracks, leisure listening, or non-profitable events). You are allowed to upload tracks (recorded over free downloaded tracks) on Internet pages (like Myspace, SoundClick, Facebook, Soundcloud or Youtube, etc.). When being uploaded or presented (for demonstration use only), credit always has to be given in a written form to ‘D.A.H. Trump (Derrick Hall)’ (e.g. on the title and song description). You are not allowed to put the track on a mixtape or album, even if it is for promotional use only. For this purpose you need to purchase at least a lease.

Free downloads are in place for you to make a song for yourself, complete your first pre-recordings & to see if the song is worth making an investment in one of the license types. Free downloads are not allowed to make any kind of profit (no video-, no TV-, no radio-airplay allowed)! Furthermore, it is not allowed to make any changes to the track(s) or remove the tags presented on the track(s). Copying or ripping any audio material (e.g. track, tag, sounds, instruments, drums, etc.) is prohibited & will not be tolerated at any time! The person disobeying this rule will likely face a law suit.

Free downloads from the Music Store are considered valid leases. By downloading tracks from the Music Store, you accept and follow the Leasing Rights terms & conditions.

Upon your purchase, you will receive a sound file of the untagged song. The song file can be delivered digitally or through the mail on a CD. Leasing rights allow you to use the track for ONE commercial recording or broadcast. This recording can then be distributed at your price for up to 2,500 copies. Selling more than 2,500 copies means you must acquire a new lease or exclusive rights.

You may use the track for non-profit promotional use or demos. You have full rights to record, alter, mix the track in any shape, way, or form (except reselling the track). You will receive a contract granting you non-exclusive rights to the tack.

In the event that someone buys exclusive rights to the track you have leased, your rights shall stand and the track is still yours to use. You may also acquire new leasing rights if you sell more than 2,500 copies since your contract predates exclusive sale. The seller will not receive a royalty from the sale of records or downloads. You must, however, give full credit to the seller, “D.A.H. Trump (Derrick Hall)”, on all commercial recordings. Upon purchasing leasing rights, the seller still owns the track(s) and the seller is able to resell the track(s) to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased.

The purchase of exclusive rights grants the customer full artistic & commercial rights to the purchased beat. There is no sales cap related to exclusive rights. An exclusive rights purchase comes as a mixed, tag-free sound file, the corresponding separate track-lines & contract/invoice stating the rights of use.

Once a beat has been sold with exclusive rights, it will no longer be available for any kind of leasing/sale. Previous leasing rights being sold before the beat has been sold exclusively are not affected hereby & stay valid until the sales cap has been reached. It is therefore possible that a beat has been leased several times before exclusive rights are sold. The beat will be marked as ‘sold’ & any possible download & licensing option will be removed.Upon request, a sold beat will be removed from any website & marketing space where it has been offered by the licensor.

The licensor expressly forbids re-sale or other distribution of the producer’s composition, either as they exist or any modifications thereof. You (the customer) cannot sell, loan, rent, lease, assign, remix, re-arrange, remove any melodies, instruments, drum programming or transfer all or any of the products sold or their rights to another person (example – Record Label, another production company, another producer, another artist), or for use in any competitive product.

The licensee understands that the licensor maintains 100% copyright & ownership of the original instrumental composition. Licensee cannot use beat compositions as background element in TV, Film & DVD / computer game projects without obtaining written consent & or another license agreement. Licensee must include on all productions the producer’s name.

Licensee agrees to display the producer’s name in all physical media or within web presentation a portion or sum of the original instrumental composition that is being licensed in this agreement. Including but not limited to CD’s, CD covers, Cassette tapes, LP’s, Cards, etc. (Example credits: ‘Beat prod. by D.A.H. Trump (Derrick Hall)’ or ‘Music produced by D.A.H. Trump (Derrick Hall)’ … Music © 2015 All rights reserved. Used under license. Any displayed or downloadable MP3 files must include ‘produced by D.A.H. Trump’ within the file name.

non-profitable performances are allowed for any license type. Profitable performances are only allowed with exclusive rights. You may not use free download versions for public performances.

  • Charity organizations: can use song for free, but must give full credit to “D.A.H. Trump (Derrick Hall)”
  • Student projects for school/college: can use song for free, but must give full credit to “D.A.H. Trump (Derrick Hall)”
  • Commercials, In-house, company publications: for publications with less than 50,000 viewers, exclusive rights suffice. Terms are to be discussed for larger publications.
  • Websites (less than 100,000 monthly hits): leasing rights suffice
  • Websites (other): must acquire exclusive rights
  • TV/Movie: terms are to be discussed

Credit must always be given to “D.A.H. Trump (Derrick Hall)”.

By making a purchase of any kind, the customer declares that he/she will give credit to the producer, where possible in a written form (cd cover/booklet, YouTube videos, social networks, ID3). Proper credit must be given as follows: “produced by D.A.H. Trump (Derrick Hall)”. Any displayed or downloadable sound files must include, “produced by D.A.H. Trump (Derrick Hall)”, within the file name.

D.A.H. Trump accepts any credit/debit card via Paypal. All payments are to be payed upfront before the delivery of the product. Products are delivered via an automatic system – an instant delivery time frame. All products are delivered via email. No tangible copies will be delivered.