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A lot of people asked me what inspired me to call myself, “DAH Trump.” The truth is, I really don’t know. It is one of those things that just happened and I rolled with it.

I wasn’t always called, “DAH Trump.” Before this whole music thing I’m doing even began, I was creating piano pieces and had no idea how instrumentals were made. I just knew that they were there. While I was creating my piano pieces, my little brother would rap to them and those sessions were fun, but at one point we just stopped, sat back and said, “We need stage names.” We asked each other what we would call ourselves. My brother said he would call himself, “Mint (Super Fresh).” I, on the other hand, couldn’t really figure out a name altogether, but said, “I would go by the name, Trump.” Why did I choose that name? To this day, I have no idea. As I mentioned before, I just rolled with it.

After I “discovered” music production, I decided to call myself, “The Trump.” Conversely, my little brother didn’t think it was “slangy” enough and told me to go by, “Tha Trump,” instead, so I agreed and went with that name, while trying to create a presence on the internet for the first time. (Meet “Tha Trump” here: youtube.com/mariolockbox93). Eventually, I went to visit my aunt’s and uncle’s house and I was showing off my productions to my uncle. He told me I should call my productions, “DAH Muzik Factory,” with, “D.A.H.,” representing the initials of my real name. At that point, something in my mind “clicked,” and I went by “DAH Trump” ever since.

So, what does DAH Trump mean?

“DAH” is the initials of my real name, while “Trump” is a word I thought I made up. (I never knew who Donald Trump was before I adopted the name, “Trump,” and I didn’t know it was a word in the dictionary either. Sad, I know.) However, in the dictionary, the word, “Trump,” can mean a helpful or admirable person, a valuable resource that may be used to gain an advantage, a trumpet blast, the suit having the highest rank in a particular hand, outdoing the competition and many more.

Despite my name’s weird origins, I realized that even though it is a name that I, for myself, do not know the meaning of, it is a name that is slowly gaining it’s identity through time, and as my producer name gains it’s identity, I am slowly attaching a meaning to it, or accepting that there is no true meaning at all…

Have you ever wanted to be called something else?

Yes, I have. The problem was that I couldn’t come up with any other name, and the larger my fan base grew, the harder it became to change it. However, overtime, it became a name I have embraced. Also, since the name is so unique, it’s very easy to find me on search engines such as Google.

Well, at least I didn’t call myself, “DAH Tramp.” Then, I would seriously have to rebrand.

Keep it 100.



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  • MizzHitZthaProducer says:

    Great post. This really give me as one of your fans an up close and personal touch to who you are.

    I cant lie, I hate when someone calls me by my production name but at the same time it feels good!

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